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Information is the currency of today’s business environment, and you need information, knowledge and wisdom to create value for your stakeholders. Escoute E-Learning is the place to be to gain just that. Our E-Learning platform allows you to gain valuable skills in the governance, risk and compliance domains that not only teach you what you need to know, but offer you the tips and techniques that you can take to work tomorrow.

About Our Membership

Our premium courses take a dive deep through demonstrative, interactive and exam preparation content. They offer valuable information into specific areas of high interest within each learning domain.

Premium courses are organized into the following types of learning:


These premium courses provide a mix of presentations and videos that incorporate training content into practical knowledge. These include examples and analogies that help link the training content to real world applications.


These premium courses provide a mix of presentation and video that presents a case study or use case to be solved during the course. They typically include a free download as a part of the course.

Exam preparation

These premium courses prepare you to take a certification exam. They include knowledge transfer of core exam preparation

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